My Mayfield

1875 : A town is started

In 1875 the settlement was increased by the addition of twenty families from Ephraim and a town started.  The first store was opened this year in a tent and was owned by John Williams, who later sold to the people, and the business was incorporated as the Mayfield Co-op. The affairs were operated for some years under the wise management of Ole C. Olsen, president of the company, and later by Joseph Christiansen. In 1894 the company sold out and in a history of Sanpete County published in 1898 the store was then owned by Henry Jensen “who operates a north and south branch, and does a good business.”

At that time (1898) there were three stores, the third owned by O. C. Larsen; two blacksmith shops, owned by Arthur H. Campbell and Jorgeu Knudsen; a fine forty-barrel roller mill, owned by the Willardson family; three well-conducted district schools, under able instructors; a Relief Society hall, used for amusements and religious services, and a ward of the Latter-day Saints under the wise counsel of Bishop Parley Christiansen. The population consisted of farmers and stockraisers and numbers probably 800 people, “noted for their honesty, industry and enterprise in conquering the desert and building magnificent homes in this mountain vale”.