My Mayfield


Ole-C-OlsenOLSEN, OLE C, first bishop of Mayfield, farmer by occupation, son of Ole C. and Engel M., was born on the Isle of Bon Holm, Denmark, February 7, 1823. He learned the trade of a tailor and followed the work. In ’52 he joined the Mormon church and did five years’ missionary work, being president of a branch at Copenhagen for four years. He came to Utah with his wife and one child in ’57, crossing the plains in Capt. Christiansen’s handcart company, and located in Salt Lake City. He was one among the volunteers sent out to hold Echo canyon against the army. In ’58 he removed to Ephraim, where he remained a short time, then went to Mt. Pleasant as one of the first settlers. He was also one of the first in Fairview and went to Gunnison among the early settlers. In the spring of ’75 he came to Mayfield among the early settlers and was appointed bishop, being ordained in ’76. He held the position of bishop until ’90. He took an active part in the Black Hawk war, serving as Captain, and lost many head of stock. Helped to organize the Co-op store and was president for many years and later became president of the High Priests’ quorum of Mayfield. He filled a mission of two and a half years in Sweden and presided over the Stockholm conference. He has always been an active man in local affairs, helping to build the forts at Ephraim, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview and Gunnison, and was the first settler to put a plough in the ground in the South Mayfield settlement. Was married first in Copenhagen in ’50 to Margaret Jorgensen. She died in Mayfield in ’82, leaving five children: Olivia, George T. and John T., now living. Second wife, married October 28, 1862, was Caroline M. Olsen. She has two children: Victor C. and Sabina M. Third wife, married in ’69, was Hannah Madstrom.