My Mayfield

The Origins Of The Name ‘Mayfield’

Mayfield is a nice country village, located twelve miles south of Manti, on what is known as Twelve-Mile creek. The settlement was begun in 1873 by some families from Gunnison and was called Arropine in honor of the famous Indian chief who deeded Sanpete county to the Mormon church. He made this delightful spot his home for many years and preferred the location to any in the entire Sanpitch valley, which he claimed as his domains. The name was afterward changed to Mayfield becsause of its natural beauties in that delightful month of spring.

The first parties to take up land and begin the settlement were: Simon Hansen, Mads P. Sorenson, Hans Tuft, Carl Olsen, Christian Hansen, Ole C. Olsen and Bishop C. A. Madsen of Gunnison. Mads P. Sorenson built the first house on the north side of the creek. In 1872 some attempts were made at farming, but not till 1873 were there any marks of permanency. During this year the actual residents were only three families: Mads P. Sorenson, Simon Hansen and Hans Tuft. The first death occurred some time after the town was located and was an old bachelor known only as Hans.